Oh Printing Tree, Oh Printing Tree

Last week was Black Friday and I had a main goal in mind: to purchase a printer. Previously in life I had more access to the mass producing of ink covered sheets of paper, but as of late I have mourned the loss of easy access to such an invention. SO the logical conclusion is to buy myself a printer. Yes.

I had no idea what I wanted. Ok, that’s not true. I knew that I wanted a crazy good deal. I knew I wanted something small to fit at my place (commonly referred to as my uptown apartment). I knew I wanted something that didn’t require a lot of hassle with endless ink cartridges that needed to be refilled. This is a printer and not a puppy. I wanted something low maintenance. But other than that I didn’t really have any preference. As long as it works.

The journey to obtaining a printer began with brainstorming where I would want to go shopping. Then I researched the ad from the store where I planned to go. I had a couple different models in mind as I headed to the store on Friday morning.

Looking at the top three printer choices, I found the one that would fit me the best. The one that seemed to be calling my name. The one that would meet all the needs I could think up while standing in an office supply store.

THEN there was the assembly. The printer sat nicely on my table for about three and a half days. Then I endeavored to remove the unit from its tight packaging, slid off the orange slips of tape, and connected all the pieces. Power Cord. Ink cartridge. Paper. My computer.

Yes, the assembly was complete. About ten minutes later, my compy recognized the software and I was all set. Then came the printing of my homework. Success.


Hello World

When creating this blog, I looked through a variety of different themes and designs before choosing the one that you see here.  I have found that as I have grown and changed, so has my personal taste and style.  This causes me to reflect on how all of us are constantly changing and growing.  

Earlier on twitter, I shared these thoughts: “Enjoy life. Every moment that you live. Whether you know it or not, this very second in time is shaping you into who you will become.”

With each passing day, my life seems to be teaching me this lesson.  I invite you to join my journey to all that I am becoming and hear about the many moments that shape me.  This blog is an awesome opportunity for me to share about cool and exciting things that I find throughout my many activities.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the perspective of a well rounded, ever ambitious woman, such as myself.